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Practical Home Security Practical Home Security: A Guide to Safer Urban Living
by Alex Haddox

Alex Haddox is recognized internationally as a personal security expert. Mr. Haddox shares his knowledge, experience, and skills in presenting practical home security without spending thousands of dollars. Using simple protocols, modest tools, and a sense of environmental and situational awareness this handbook offers the reader significant methods for family and home security. Research based scenarios and personal experiences offer an insight into recommendations for the reader to implement measures to enhance personal security in and around the home.

Books Featuring Alex Haddox, M.Ed.

Alex Haddox is a Level 3 Instructor in Jim Wagner's Reality-Based Personal Protection System. He was asked to participate and demonstrate self-protective techniques in a training manual written by Jim Wagner and produced and distributed by Black Belt Magazine.


Protecting Protecting Others: Self-Defense Strategies and Tactics for Third-Party Protection by Jim Wagner

Addressing simple yet powerfully effective methods of self-defense, this guide teaches how to best deal with dangerous situations. With detailed photo sequences, helpful captions, and clear illustrations that depict the proper way to do drills, it uses a variety of scenarios, such as home invasion, street crime, terrorism, bank robberies, and even grenade attack, to show the best ways to keep loved ones and other third parties safe while defusing the situation as quickly and peacefully as possible. With chapters that discuss victim rescue, vehicle security, bodyguard basics, and how to survive a variety of weapon attacks, this is the authoritative self-defense manual for everyone from the professional soldier to the civilian.